IoT software development company

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that is rapidly being adopted by businesses across industries due to increased connectivity, speed, and bandwidth, and accelerated digital transformation efforts. Our goal is to help companies increase business value and realize the benefits of IoT with minimal disruption to their current processes. As your outsourcing partner, we work with your product marketing, engineering, and subject matter experts to develop specialized and differentiated solutions. Viver Technologies is one of the leading IoT software development companies. We provide cutting-edge, customized IoT development services to provide our customers with highly efficient and scalable software. Viver Technologies has a team of experienced developers, designers, and BA professionals who leverage the latest advancements in IoT technology to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.


Our IoT Service Offerings

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Device Setup & Management
  • Device Provisioning & Configuration
  • Device Virtualization
  • Device Integration & Management
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IoT Platform Development
  • Rules and Events Configuration
  • Big Data and Processing
  • IoT Analytics and Dashboards
  • Device Testing
  • On-premise or Cloud Deployment
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IoT Managed Services
  • IoT Infrastructure Management
  • Security Monitoring & Management
  • Platform Maintenance & Auditing

Our IoT Accelerators

Indoor Tracking

Workplace tracking by locating people and assets in real-time leveraging low-cost LoRa, BLE & RFID Tags/Sensors

Smart Home

Package of 5 sensors for tracking door open, temp & humidity, water leakage & controlling power outlets in Home or Workplace

Vehicle Telematics

Helps monitor vehicles in real-time using data from sensors that is transmitted to our IoT Platform.