AI/ML Development Services

Empower Your Business with Viver Technologies Custom AI and ML Services, Automating and Advancing Your Operations for maximizing productivity & minimizing errors!

Artificial intelligence development service

Viver Technologies can enhance any business process with advanced technologies due to the powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence. The technology helps to automate mundane time-consuming tasks with large amounts of data and increase productivity.

With years of experience in AI development, our experts know how to effectively use smart AI tools, resolve complex software challenges, and bring explicit results that improve performance and link technology with business.

How artificial intelligence can boost your business

AI technologies can provide assistance in deep data analysis, optimal decision-making, situation monitoring, and overall management. Thanks to AI, businesses increase their efficiency many times over in such areas as healthcare, fintech, manufacturing, and many others.

Viver Technologies excels in providing a diverse range of solutions, from cutting-edge education solutions to comprehensive finance software development, custom manufacturing software, and innovative banking software solutions.


Artificial Intelligence development across a wide array of industries

AI is becoming an indispensable tool in absolutely different areas. From retail to healthcare, AI is changing the way we interact with the world and helping to improve efficiency in a variety of ways.

Computer vision

Viver Technologies develops AI systems to identify, understand and interpret real-world objects. Also, computer vision allows searching for the right product based on an image, classifying and sorting objects for certain purposes. This can be used for visual search for specific items or sorting objects for certain purposes.

AI for cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in cybersecurity. Among the ways AI can improve cybersecurity are the automation of the detection and response to attacks, the optimization of networks, and the detection of vulnerabilities.

Predictive analytics

Our specialists can implement artificial intelligence technology, which conducts augmented analytics based on customers’ business data. The technology analyzes clients’ business environment and suggests scenarios on how to attain planned objectives.

Intelligent automation

Viver Technologiescan integrate its solutions to intelligently automate your operations. This allows the creation and management of metadata and includes document recognition and information extraction from unstructured data volumes.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

We offer a solution in the form of AI-assisted data capture and extraction. The technology converts text or graphic data into a machine-readable format. This fosters time-consuming manual operations and eliminates the slightest risk of entering erroneous data.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Our experts configure software that recognize text, voice data and respond to it in a way humans do. This technology is often used by companies for customer sentiment analysis to better understand their clients, which in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Speech and voice recognition

Viver Technologies offers your business state-of-the-art solutions based on speech recognition algorithms. This helps recognize and process voices in real-time for more effective communications with customers. This can help improve customer service interactions and improve the overall efficiency of businesses.

Human activity recognition

We can offer this technology for both healthcare industries and sports enthusiasts. Algorithms that recognize poses and human appearance can be used to monitor a client's health and fitness and warn users if medical consultation is necessary.