Who We Are

Based in Malerkotla, Viver Technologies is considered one of the most popular IT service providers. This specialist firm is structured to provide more attainable results and solutions that can be used by a wide variety of businesses facing problems in the information and technology sector.


Viver Technologies is a company that values its relationship with customers and strives to meet their needs through innovation, dedication, and quality service. The company has a highly qualified team of professionals, excellent infrastructure, and technology support to maintain its market position and provide valuable products and services to its clients

Mission and impact

The value we create is typically aligned with the company's mission and we go to great lengths and wisdom to protect the value created. Viver don't care about the outcome, they do what they see fit.

  • Management believes in unlimited potential for company and personal growth. Success should be celebrated by recognizing the change towards growth.

  • Our employees are passionate about what they do and strive for success and achievement of their goals, regardless of the circumstances or circumstances. We care more about helping each other succeed and building long-term partnerships with our clients and customers.

We deliver results

The company offers tailor-made solutions based on customer expectations, products are of high quality, competitively priced and delivered on time. We build on commitment, competitiveness and strong growth to achieve diverse improvements in our products and services. A company run by the right team and great spirit will ultimately reach greater heights.

We have a good and well-coordinated partnership between our internal environment and our new external IT environment. In fact, increased brand value and sales should determine the promising performance of this IT service provider.

Strategies That Work

Innovative Solutions & Customer Satisfaction

We value the relationship we have with each and every customer, and we fully consider their needs and act accordingly. By breaking new ground, the company is still able to maintain its renowned market position

A Team of Excellence

Highly Motivated Team of Professionals

Innovation, Dedication, Quality and First-class Service

Excellent Infrastructure, ideal technology Support

Satisfaction of Clients and Customers

Our sole goal is to satisfy our clients and customers with valuable products and services.

The company culture of Viver Technologies is based on the following values

  • Innovation: The company encourages its employees to think creatively and experiment with new ideas and solutions. The company also supports its employees to learn new skills and technologies and apply them to their work

  • Collaboration: The company fosters a collaborative and supportive environment where its employees work together as a team and share their knowledge and feedback. The company also values diversity and inclusion and respects the opinions and perspectives of its employees.